ROKiT PURE : Addressing The Global Drinking Water Crisis

About Us.

ROKiT PURE was conceived and co-founded by US Billionaire John Paul DeJoria and UK entrepreneur Jonathan Kendrick.

John Paul DeJoria is best known as the co-founder of Paul Mitchell, the largest privately held hair care business in North America as well as being co-founder of Patron tequila, the worlds Number 1 premium tequila brand valued at USD $4 Billion.

Kendrick and DeJoria have been business partners in a variety of commercial enterprises for 10 years to date and both share a passion for the environment and philanthropy in general.

The story of John Paul DeJoria exemplifies the American Dream. The son of immigrant parents from Italy and Greece, he learned the value of hard work early in life, helping to support his family from a very young age delivering newspapers, John Paul enrolled in the U.S. Naval Reserve while still in high school and, after graduation, joined the Navy with aspirations of attending dental school. Although discharged with honors, that turned out to be not an option, financially.

Shortly thereafter, DeJoria found himself to be a single father with a young son to support. He took on an assortment of odd jobs to make ends meet — everything from pumping gas, repairing bicycles, working as a janitor and selling encyclopedias, photocopying machines, dictating equipment and even life insurance door-to-door.

While still in his early twenties he found himself homeless on more than one occasion.

Eventually he was offered an entry-level marketing position with Time magazine and it didn’t take long before he became the Los Angeles circulation manager. Then in 1971, he knew he’d met his calling when he accepted a position at Redken Laboratories, the leading professional hair salon product company in the U.S. at the time.

The real turning point came when DeJoria joined forces with his friend, Paul Mitchell, one of American’s most influential hair designers. Together they started John Paul Mitchell Systems with the borrowed sum of $700. Even today’s well-known image of black and white packaging on much of Paul Mitchell products is the result of those early days of not being able to afford coloured ink.

DeJoria and Mitchell literally went door-to-door visiting hair salons with a sales strategy to conduct free demonstrations that would guarantee to sell all of the products or they would take them back at no cost to the salons.

The John Paul Mitchell Systems (JPMS) empire is now the largest privately owned hair care company in North America.

In addition, DeJoria is the co-founder of Patron Tequila, the worlds Number 1 premium tequila valued currently in excess of USD $ 4 Billion.

John Paul DeJoria is also a renowned humanitarian who believes that each of us who are able to has a responsibility every day to make the world a better place in which to live. The measure of DeJoria’s success is not in the pre-eminence of his companies or of the other enterprises he heads, but rather by the worldwide good he has accomplished through his continued investment of time, money and influence in human and global pursuits.

DeJoria and Kendrick have teamed-up to form ROK Stars, the game-changing consumer-products company of which ROKiT PURE is a part.

Designed to tackle the global drinking water crisis, ROKiT PURE utilises appropriate low-cost technology to provide a revolutionary solar powered water purifying and cooking system.