ROKiT PURE : Addressing The Global Drinking Water Crisis


ROKiT Pure

The ROKiT PURE solar cooker and water sanitizer is a hardy product which can be used in remote areas to heat liquid or foodstuffs without the use of electricity.

It can be used to cook a comforting hot meal, and kill harmful bacteria that is present in questionable water.


  • ROKiT Pure
    Pasteurizes water
    The pasteurization process takes the water to a “food safe” level. When the unit indicates the temperature has reached 176 F (80 C), the water has safely been taken past the minimum of 158 F (70 C), for adequate time.
  • ROKiT Pure
    Integrated cooking apparatus
    The unit comes equipped with individual stainless steel cooking trays, allowing people to cook food without having to use wood, coal, gas or electricity.
  • ROKiT Pure
    Powered solely by the sun
    The unit has a thermal pasteurization indicator for fluids and a thermometer probe in the lid for general cooking. For cooking steaks, etc., the temperature in the unit frequently reaches 428 F (220 C).
  • ROKiT Pure
    Reduces exposure to pathogens while cooking
    A “food safe” level means that most of the pathogens in the water have been killed or deactivated, some active pathogens might remain but at so low levels not enough not to cause harm.