ROKiT PURE : Addressing The Global Drinking Water Crisis

Pure ROKiT.

Pure ROKiT

Designed to help tackle the global water drinking crisis, PURE ROKiT is a portable and highly efficient all-in-one water purifying and cooking system that heats water in less than two hours to temperatures that kill off the harmful bacteria that breed in contaminated water.

In addition, the units come equipped with individual stainless steel cooking trays, allowing people to cook food without having to use wood, coal, gas or electricity.

As such, PURE ROKiT offers a solution to the severe environmental problem of the stripping of natural resources such as trees for firewood.

Pure ROKiT:

žžž· Purifies water
· Integrated cooking apparatus
žž· No moving parts
žžž· Powered solely by the sun
žžž· Reduces exposure to carcinogens while cooking
žžž· Promotes sustainability
žžžžžž· Robust for harshest of environments

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